Tuesday, September 26, 2017




Hair Feathers
Santa Rosa, California

Whether you have short hair or long hair, Hair Feather extensions are an accessible, convenient, practical way to express your creativity and make you unforgettable! This fresh look is nothing shy of an epidemic that's sweeping across the nation. Lasting up to three months and longer - wash, blow-dry, curl or flat iron your hair. The feathers blend into all varieties of hair no matter the shape, style, or texture. The variety of colors lets you control and lets you build a look that accentuates your own uniqueness.

• Attaches with micro-link
• Crimping tool is used in the process
• 100% Natural feather extension
• You can shampoo and condition
• You can straighten with a flat-iron

• You can curl your hair as well

• Feather Hair Extensions
are perfect for special occasions

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