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Hair Tinsel
Santa Rosa, California

Hair Tinsel is a unique highlight strand product sure to make your hairdo stand out regardless of the style. Our color strands come in many options sure to provide you with the extra kick you’re looking for when it comes to your next hair style.

You may find yourself wondering just what Hair Tinsel is, or how it may improve your style or add unique flair to your favorite look. Hair Tinsel strands come in 17 great colors to choose from, each package contains 100, 19 inch strands in the color of your choosing. With so many strands per package you are sure to get multiple uses out of just a single package of Hair Tinsel.

Hair Tinsel can be tied into hair or glued into place, giving you a wide variation in the amount of time you wish to keep your Hair Tinsel in place. Be it for a night out or a new look that lasts weeks, Hair Tinsel gives you the option with strands that can stay in place for 3 – 5 weeks.

•  Professional Quality Hair Tinsel - designed and tested by stylists
•  Thin, narrow, lightweight, feel soft and silky like hair
•  Made from 100% high-grade, heat-resistant fiber
•  Can shampoo, blow-dry, style, and even Flat-Iron!
•  100% Made in the USA, safe and non-toxic


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